Hıfzı Oğuz Bekata 

Born in Ankara in 1911, he was a Turkish politician, lawyer, writer and former Minister  of Interior of the Republic of Türkiye.

After graduating from the Faculty of Law in Ankara in 1935, he joined the Ministry of Economy and Trade as an examining officer and continued his career in various branch directorates. In 1943, Bekata was elected as a member of parliament for Ankara and served until 1950. After 1950, he returned to practicing law. 7 years later, in 1957, he became an MP again and was elected as a member of the Republican Senate from Ankara. Throughout his political career, he served at various levels, one of which was to be the Minister of Interior. 

Bekata, who also stood out as a writer, published articles in various magazines and newspapers. As a poet, there is a rumor that he was modeled after Orhan Veli. 

A part of his personal book collection is available in our library.

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