Our program mainly focuses on the written and material sources of the History of Turkish/Islamic science history yet it does not exclude the subjects related to the history of science and technology in different parts of the World.

Being located at ITU, we are able to offer students courses to learn the technical contents of the basic and formal sciences and to acquire language skills to conduct research.

In addition, our program has courses on the development of scientific institutions, instruments and the history of technology. 


Why study History of Science and Technology at ITU?

  • Opportunity to explore the history of science and technology within the field of science itself.
  • With two centuries of engineering tradition, the History of Science and Technology Program at ITU offers you the opportunity to trace the footsteps of the history of engineering
  • Distinguished academic staff
  • Interdisciplinary field of study​​


    Program Information

    • Masters Application Criteria
    • Compulsory Courses
    • Master's Degree Graduation Requirements