In compliance with the mission of Istanbul Technical University, this  Master’s Degree Program in "Science, Technology and Society" was established to widen the borders of knowledge in science, technology and arts and fulfill the needs of society with the applications of this knowledge.

This program helps us understand and solve ethical, social, cultural and political  problems created in the complicated structure of modern technological society by  integrating the subjects of humanities and social sciences and those of science and technology studies.

Program aims at getting not only engineering and science departments’ graduates, but also social sciences, humanities and art school graduates. It also aims at getting people working at NGO’s as well as people working in sectors such as the Media and institutions related to shape science and technology policies.

It is the only Master’s Degree Program with this name in Turkiye.

For 2024-2025 Fall Semester Admission Application Click Here. 

Note to Applicants:

Students unfamiliar with the field of Science, Technology, and Society may, upon acceptance into the programs, be required to participate in one or two academic semesters of postgraduate scientific preparation, depending on the decision of the program admission committee.

To gain an understanding of Science, Technology, and Society studies, we advise you to look at the "Relevant Resources" listed below.

Why should I choose this ITU Program?

Its interdisciplinarity allows you to do research related to empirical problems regarding the social aspects of science and technology by amalgamating them with theoretical perspective.

There is an opportunity to go abroad for education by Erasmus+.

In doing research and in the process of writing thesis, it is possible to be in contact not only with the faculty of the program, but also with the experienced and well-educated faculty of other programs at ITU.  

All of the courses are taught in English.


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